jenae green
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Friday, Feb 19, 2021 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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About the speaker

Jenae Green has been at C-SPAN for over 5 years and is currently a member of its community relations team. She spends her time coordinating community-education events that engage students, teachers, civic groups, public officials and those interested in politics to share how C-SPAN’s unfiltered mission and resources can be used as a “Window on Washington” to follow the daily happenings of the Federal government.

Jenae began her time at C-SPAN working in the newsroom as a production assistant. There, she took calls from viewers, edited videos, and prepared event coverage video for what you see on tv.

Earlier in her career, Jenae worked as a freelance photographer and social media intern for the Washington Football Team. She is a Virginia native and a proud 2014 graduate of Virginia Tech! Go Hokies! Jenae was born into a military family, taking her from California to Virginia. She currently resides in Alexandria Virginia and at this point, considers herself a professional Zoom birthday party attendee.


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