21st century leader
California Club
Friday, Jan 20, 2023 | 12:00 - 1:30 PM

The 21st-Century Leader

Today's leaders face two major challenges: the accelerating rate of global crises, a world that is very different than they grew up in, and shifting demographics. In two years, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials who experienced 9/11, a financial meltdown, pandemic shutdown and now the threat of nuclear war. As a group, millennials - and many others - are disillusioned, disconnected, and they crave purpose. 

Dr. Wainfan describes how the 21st century is different than the 20th century. She describes leadership traits that release the enormous human potential of a population that is losing hope. She illustrates these principals with an example of a successful leader overcoming overwhelming odds, and how she is applying 21st-century leadership principles in her own work.


About Dr. Wainfan

Dr. Wainfan received her Ph.D. from the Pardee-RAND Graduate School, where she created multi-perspective strategy theory. Her methodologies were developed from her research on decision-making by Presidents, DoD, State Department, corporate and education policy-makers. A former rocket scientist, she served as a C-level executive at Boeing; a faculty member of LMU and CSULB where she taught research design and leadership; and the license-holder for TEDxSoCal. Dr. Wainfan is the author of books on collaboration and trust and is a member of   Long Beach Rotary. She is the founder of Compass Alliance LLC, whose mission is to help groups meet their missions. Her latest project is to help people connect on a deeper level. Towards that vision, she has become a social-media influencer, app creator, and award-winning screenwriter.