Let Us Inspire You and You Can Inspire Others

If you are interested in membership, and want details on joining our club, please email Ivan Lovegren.

Angel City Celebration

Rotarians bring Holiday Cheer to thousands of underserved children and their families in Los Angeles which includes a visit with Santa Claus, toy give away, a delicious breakfast, as well as access to community resources, dental screenings, Health and Wellness, health screenings and vision screenings. The Holidays is a super busy time of year and Rotary exist to inspire, uplift and motivate all children to strive for a bright future and believe they can achieve their dreams.


Rotarians feel strongly about the value of a college education as a vehicle to reach one’s life goals. Every student’s story is different, but the financial gap in paying for college is not uncommon. By providing sufficient scholarship assistance, we can enable greater success in college, providing deserving students who want to attend college, graduate with their degree and give back to society. The support that students receive instills a greater sense of belonging – a motivation – to make it through their higher education.

Back Pack Give Away

Rotarians are committed to supporting local community, by making grants to local non-profit organizations through its grant-making program. The monetary grants support organizations that serve local youth, adults and families that work to help minimize the factors that contribute to youth violence, homelessness and/or support educational attainment. Such activities include: back give away for Schools on Wheels, special photos of adoption families at the Edelman Children’s Court, funding for homeless shelters and much more…


Rotarians act during the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak by developing, assembling and providing thousands of Face Shields to first responders. In our efforts to support our first responders, during this extraordinary health crisis, represents our willingness to help keep our community safe and healthy. Rotarians felt honored with the opportunity to provide Face Shields for many of our local first responders while they continue protecting and serving our communities during this ongoing health crisis.

Myanmar - International Project

Content behind the photo: Rotarians participate in a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad. The Humanitarian “water on demand” projects has been providing water systems in Myanmar for the last 15 years and served over 50,000 people in need of clean potable water.

Rotarians Plant Trees

Trees have many economic, environmental and social benefits. They improve our lives and the places we live. Trees are not just about the benefits of planting trees has on the environment. It’s good for us too. They make Los Angeles greener and leafier and they actually relax us as well. The effect of green space is also dose-dependent, meaning that those who have longer exposure to green space have greater mental health benefits.