LA5 Dues Options & Payment

Thank you for paying your dues in a timely manner. Your payment will not only help LA5 fund its operations, but also programs that will help the community. Continued payments and participation in LA5 programs help the world through service above self and provide opportunities to work with and meet other Rotarians, resulting in amazing relationships along the way.

Please review the options below. Note - our default dues struction is what was formally known as the All-Inclusive Plan. This covers dues, lunches, and parking for an entire year! It is also a great way not only to contribute to our club but provides club members the benefit of getting to attend as many meetings as possible and all at a discounted rate.

If you are a current member, you can opt to be grandfathered into the legacy "Pay as You Go" plan.

There is a good chance that you have questions, so we've included a bunch of answers here.

If you are experiencing ANY issues with this payment form, please contact Adam Weiss for assistance.

Step 1: Your Information
Step 2: Membership Status
If you are a current member, please contact the office to re-setup your payment.
Step 3: Membership Type
Step 4: Select Dues Plan
Please choose your Membership Status (Step 2 above) to see Dues Plan.
Step 5: Payment Frequency
Please choose your Membership Type and Dues Plan (Steps 3 and 4 above) to see Payment Frequency.
Step 6: Membership Add-Ons
Does your spouse or partner want to join you in Rotary?
Add Your Spouse/Partner
Want your spouse or partner to join you in Rotarianship? Choose an option!
* Note that this fee does not include meals.
Step 7: Add Credit Card

Note: Your dues and recurring billing will start on the first day of the next month.

By entering your card above, you agree to pay for your selected dues and add-ons as selected above, utilizing the credit card entered above.