International Projects

The World Will Thank You

When asked what the main objective of Rotary International is, most Rotarians would tell you: International Humanitarian missions around the world. The International Committee of LA5 is your opportunity to become involved and be a pro-active member of the committee that sets those missions in motion. This Committee invites the enthusiastic and dedicated participation of all Rotarians of LA5 to become involved, to join and to add active support to help find new projects for our club. The World will Thank You.


International Dinners
The International Committee has teamed with country consulates to host members of LA5 at International dinners. It is our goal to bring people of the world together for an evening of understanding and opportunity.

Friendship Exchange Program
Open World Exchange - Adult Friendship Exchange - Help with students visiting our city.

The LA5 International Committee is extremely rewarding in that our mission is to help people less fortunate around the planet. This is a hands-on experience and you get to meet people from all walks of life. International travel is possible.

International Humanitarian Missions
Compelling and rewarding opportunities for international service projects are planned and conducted each year.