A Small World Rotary Story
March 29, 2019

Three Rotarians separately go to a restaurant in Truckee, California's historic mountain town near Lake Tahoe.  One of them was me from LA5 on my way for dinner and glass of wine at the bar where I prefer to eat when I’m on business.

Entering the eatery I scanned the bar and saw most all stools were occupied. But as I walked closer I saw one available next to an “age compatible” woman. I sat down and she, Astrid, immediately was friendly so we started to chat.

After a few minutes and ordering my glass of wine, I noticed the man sitting next to her. He had on a Rotary cap.  “Excuse me,” I asked, “are you in Rotary?”  “Yes, I’m Peter, president-elect of the Oakland club,” and quickly added, “the 3rd oldest Rotary.”  He said he knew of our club and when attending the president-elect conference met President Erick. And Astrid is his wife, but not a Rotary member (but I said she should be!!).

We spent some time talking about Rotary, its challenges and rewards.  In a little while, a beautiful meal of fish and pasta arrived to the patron on my right, who, to that point, I had paid no attention. After admiring his meal, I noticed he had on a jacket - with the Rotary logo!

Again, I asked, are you in Rotary? “Why yes,” he replied, and I said, “so am I!”  I said “Jim, to look to my left,” where he saw Peter in his Rotary cap! There we were, three Rotarians in Truckee, from L A, Oakland and Rio Vista. It’s an even smaller - and I say better - world when you belong to Rotary, a great way to connect dispersed dots!