Life of a Lobbyist
November 11, 2016

On November 4th, 2016, the LA5 Rotary club welcomed Arnie Berghoff who was able to discuss the life of a lobbyist.

Mr. Berghoff founded the American Political Roast, an event that every politician in the Los Angeles area attends and has been able to raise over $20 million over the years. He explained his personal stories and experiences and what he would do when taking on certain cases. He typically takes on cases in which he truly believes the story of the side he would be “defending” and one that would best represent his firm. He explained how there were many cases that he would turn down because he did not believe in it. He was able to show to us that not all lobbyists are bad even though often times there is a bad stigma to lobbying.

Some of Arnie’s Quotes:

  • “Reputation is the most important asset for a lobbying firm”
  • “Lobbyists never lie”
  • “Lobby firms never guarantees success and never do the impossible”


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  • Amazon and Bank of America Partnership with Rotary (Bank of America will give $100 back to anyone who opens an account)
  • Fast 5 (November 18, 2016)
  • Wine Tasting at the Silver Lake (November 9, 2016) (All proceeds will go to Ability First)
  • Newest Member Ceremony Armelle Levy (Sponsored by VP Erick Weiss!)

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