Invocation by Denise Anthony
December 5, 2018

At the October 12, 2018 LA5 luncheon featuring speaker Andy Fastow, member Denise Anthony offered an invocation that many found well-suited to the occasion and personally moving. We have printed it at the request of many who asked to read it again.

Dear Fellow Rotarian and Guests,

When we gather each week, we rehearse the Universal vow which says "Service Above Self."

We are of diverse faiths, multiple racial backgrounds; all dedicated to helping heal the world; and give us the dedication and energy to provide to those who are less fortunate than we...thus we show our gratitude by rendering "Service Above Self."

And doing so, we enhance our individual character. We cannot be unaware of what is demanded of each of us; become more aware of ethical and moral growth, take pride in our nation and be grateful for our many individual blessings. Each of us, in our heart of hearts, expresses our belief in "Service Above Self."