LA River & the Homeless
October 3, 2016

Many homeless inhabit the area surrounding and within the LA River. The LA river generally conjures images of concrete ditches and flooding. One part where it is lacking heavily is in terms of its green spaces and biodiversity. The area around the LA river was once one out of 35 places in the world that exemplified bio-diversity. Sadly, the LA river has lost more than 90% of its eco-system due to drought, pollution, and mismanagement. The Army Corp, originally responsible for turning the LA river into what we know it as today, have taken it upon themselves to restore the lost biodiversity, and will invest close to $1.5 billion eco-system restoration efforts. 

Carol Armstrong, executive officer for LA city services, came in to present the LA River project reimagined. Knowing the history and properties of the LA river are integral to understanding its current state. It was originally created to readjust the river from flooding the LA area. The ditches in the LA river were implemented to make it easier for emergency responders to get rescue people in distress. Unfortunately, the complex needs of the LA river to sustain the ecosystem were slightly overlooked. In order to mitigate those effects, the city of Los Angeles wants to connect the local LA parks to the LA river. These green spaces will help host the diverse species that belong in the river valley. The city wants to utilize as much of the land as possible, including putting in a world class rail system around the river. 

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