March 29, 2018

LA5’s visit to the LA Youth Network went very well! Each Rotarian was impressed by the dedication that the staff demonstrated in helping kids (ranging from ages 12 to 24) with their education, working out their problems, reconnecting with family or a relative, or finding jobs that make them feel good about themselves. Founded in 1985, LA Youth Network sees 400 kids a year and are staffed 24/7. Staff at this organization build deeps bonds, which is dmonstrated by the fact that one of the managers will travel to Humbholt this coming May to attend the graduation of one of the program’s participants!

Such a trip is not uncommon, as the staff follow up with former participants long after they have left their care, showing dedication and concern for keeping them from becoming homeless. Many participants return to volunteer, which shows how meaningfully the program impacted their lives. LA Youth Network was most grateful to be selected for Fast5. Pictured at left are those remaining by end of the tour, shown standing in front of one of the houses that serves the participants.

Pictured at right is LA Youth Network's CEO, Mark.​

By Denise Anthony

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