Fast5 Community Grants Luncheon
December 7, 2016

Emotions were running strong this November 18, 2016 when LA5 awarded community grants to five pre-selected non-profit organizations: Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, Shelter Partnership, New Direction for Veterans, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Midnight Mission. The Fast Pitch format created an exciting environment where each organization gave engaging  five minute presentations describing their organization and the program that they want funded, which addressed how each are working to resolve homelessness in Los Angeles.

"Thank you for your generous contribution to New Directions for Veterans (NDVets)," said Yvette Kelley, President & CEO, New Directions for Veterans. “Support from organizations like LA5 help NDVets successfully address the challenges of life after military service as we work to empower men and women who served in the military, and their families, to lead productive and fulfilling lives."

Here is how the live vote broke down:

  1. New Directions for Veterans by Colonel Yvette Kelley, President and CEO. Awarded: $20,016
  2. Society of St. Vincent de Paul by David Fields, Executive Director. Awarded:  $18,839
  3. Homeless Health Care Los Angeles by Mark Casanova, Executive Director. Awarded: $14,129
  4. The Midnight Mission by Michael Arnold, CEO. Awarded: $11,774
  5. Shelter Partnership by Ruth Schwartz, Executive Director. Awarded: $8,242

"Thank you, LA5, for the opportunity to be a part of today’s program,” said David Fields, Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent de Paul. "The Society is very proud of our association with LA5 and is gratified to receive the grant. LA5’s support will allow us to help 80 clients move into permanent housing, increase the number of unduplicated individuals using drop-in center,  and expand CMC alumni program. This critical work helps St. Vincent de Paul to address the needs of children and families living in poverty, the homeless, and the displaced and disenfranchised."

Of the $73,000 awarded, $37,000 was donated by individual members and $25,000 was contributed by the LA5 Foundation before the event -- $11,000 was raised during the event. What a day!

“The Fast5 event at City Club really brought to the forefront what LA5 is all about,” said Herbert McGurk, LA5 Rotary Member. “Focusing on how to best support our community through addressing the issues of homelessness in Los Angeles shows how seriously LA5 takes its commitment to community service and how we as members can support worthy organizations. Because of the Fast5 event, I was inspired to visit NDVets to see how I can get more involved with its work.”

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