Eugene Picture
May 17, 2021

Eugene Kwon is a student at Pomona College. Eugene used the scholarship money from LA5 to buy academic supplies, have dinner with friends, go on trips, pay bills, and cover emergencies. This is what Eugene wants to share with LA5: 

"Before beginning my college years, I had a mental to-do list that reflected my hopes to explore and try anything new and different from what I ever experienced. Some of what I hoped to do in my first year were the followings: make new friends, have meaningful and deep conversations about physics and neuroscience, volunteer for the neighborhood, take classes that are both novel and valuable, join social events, relax in our wide green area, play the piano again after years, take a martial arts class, exercise in the gym out of my own volition, have trips around CA with friends, join a research group, develop my academic interests, and most importantly fully enjoy my first year! As I prepare for my second year, I am very pleased to say I did everything my pre-college self wanted to do for my first year! While my second year will be fully online, I will keep on the joy for the rest of my years and get the best out of it!" 

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