Jeremy Wineglass
November 12, 2019
Our featured October 25 speaker was our Rotary entertainment extraordinaire – Jeremy Wineglass. LA5 Rotarians attending our meetings are welcomed into the get luncheons by Jeremy’s melodies and his quick fun musical intros to speakers.

For his presentation Jeremy focused less on the keyboard and more on the keys of life, as in asking, what is the soundtrack of your life? How does the reality and the metaphor of music help us live life to its fullest, helping us to get over the challenges we each are handed?

The first metaphor is that life is music! It is the single notes, the chords – major and minor, the chord progressions, and the harmonies that make up our daily soundtrack and fulfill us. At the same time we all live with the dissonances life hands us. But, as in life, music also has dissonant chords which need resolution into harmony, as Jeremy demonstrated for us on the piano.

We need to ask ourselves, is this choice in tune with my purpose. As he said, life (and music) create many opporTUNEities to key into the lives we want to live and any changes we want to make as he himself has done to overcome adversity. He told us of his challenging childhood and how music generally and piano playing specifically gave his life meaning and solace. He instructed us to listen, choose and connect to be in tune and create harmony where there may be only dissonance.