There comes a time for each Rotarian who is sent

To provide some service – ah a Rotary moment.!

The service is always our special goal

The project really is, a Rotarian's role

For me it could have been a Mexican site

For a cataract clinic to erase  a blight

To remove the cataracts to let in the light.

The happiness they felt to be able to see

Was certainly a real joy to me.

Or it could have been a visit to a club in Brazil

Whose aid certainly helped us fulfill

Getting wheelchairs to people there

A sign that Rotary really does care.

Our club, Santa Barbara Sunrise

Gave a Paul Harris-a real surprise

To our partner in the enterprise.

But I have to say the very best

Which paled in significance to all the rest

It was to India that we did go

Helping with a NID, you know

To work with them to eradicate polio

They did not need us to fly thousands of miles

Giving drops on the tongues of the children with smiles

but as ambassadors to encourage to keep going

To create awareness in their knowing

These efforts will someday make India polio free

We witnessed so much -- the extreme poverty

Despite their difficulties and such trials

We saw hope in their radiant smiles.

It gives me pause to thank God for our visit there

This Rotary moment with you I now share.

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