Paving the Way for a Greener L.A.
August 5, 2016

It ​is safe to say that Art Leahy is a self-made man. Currently the CEO of Metrolink, Art Leahy worked as a bus conductor for three years then made his way to the top on the Metro ladder. His experience with the community is tangible. His goals align with the needs1 of the streets. There is no better leader for Los Angeles

Art is no friend or bystander to danger. His first and main concern is about safety. From his ground-up experience, he realizes that diverting some of the commuters off the streets would not only make them safer and efficient but make the LA air cleaner. The benefits of the rail is clear.

We have asked questions to Art and we were well satisfied with answers. The inside look at the inner economic workings of the rail system was priceless; we were put into the shoes of a man who is in charge of traffic and roads for more than millions people. Now, what is next for Metrolink?

Art is focusing on making the metro safer for everyone. The tragic tales of accidents is the inevitable byproduct of progressing forward. The accidents described by Art were terrfiying but its inventions and solutions were uplifting and brought hope. We experienced a vision of our future in commuting.

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