President Charisse
July 27, 2017

As we welcome President Charisse to lead LA5 in the new Rotary year, we are inspired and excited to hear the direction in which she will lead us. As President Charisse said, "My focus is to keep the momentum going that Past President Todd initiated last year. He spoke of a four-year approach to club leadership versus a one-and-done agenda to ensure the decisions for our club make a positive impact for the years to come.

My two primary goals, simply put, is that whatever we do this year, it is my goal that we provide a Rotary experience that is two things: personal and fun. This club is incredible. The people in this club are incredible. The work that we do locally and internationally is truly incredible. I hope this year that you can further build on your own experience with LA5. And I hope along the way, you do have fun."

To hear the full audio of President Charisse’s speech, listen here.

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