AbilityFirst Camp Paivika
August 8, 2017

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Camp Paivika 70th Anniversary on Saturday, July 29th. We had well over 300 attendees, who helped with activities, sang songs and had an opportunity to get to know our campers better. We were truly delighted LA5 was able to join us for this event.

This year, we are on track to having a record 465 campers this year at Camp Paivika!

AbilityFirst and Camp Paivika appreciate the generous volunteer and financial support of the members of the LA5 Rotary Club. We are proud of our heritage with the Rotary Club of Los Angeles and are grateful for the commitment and dedication of current Rotarians, which makes our programs possible and makes me proud to be an LA5 Rotarian! We look forward to working with LA5 Rotary Club on future events next year as well.

Thank you again for your support of AbilityFirst, its programs and its people!

Warmest Regards,
Adam Pilder