SJ Manning

Steve is an internationally-known business leader, author, public speaker and advisor. He is credited with the origination of prominent creative and empirical concepts, targeting data base concepts, media strategies, promotional concepts, incentive devices and channels, and decision-making predictive techniques, all widely used in the marketing world.

His expertise encompasses a number of disciplines including marketing, advertising, corporate governance, relationship development and management, and conflict resolution. He is acknowledged to be among the most influential consumer database developers, owners and marketers in the history of direct response.

Steve is one of the pioneers of advertising on the internet, where he has been active since the introduction of commercial applications in the medium. He has generated billions of dollars in revenues during his business life.

His passions are his family of fantastic women, his challenging friends, few but all much smarter than he, writing for fun and profit, competitive tennis and skiing, and public speaking in a number of languages.

His business and life guiding principles, widely circulated, are: “Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal” and “A Life Without Passion Is Not A Life Worth Living.”

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