Vaccine Sticker
May 12, 2021

This winter, we saw how COVID-19 cases disproportionately affected certain communities in LA. Communities like South LA that have historically been underinvested. But MLK Community Healthcare (MLKCH) is changing that. Writing a different story for South LA and now we have an opportunity to be part of it.

MLKCH launched their mobile vaccine initiative as a way of bridging the vaccine inequity. Many community members are essential workers, who are exposed daily to the threat of infection while on the job. Others are seniors, who’ve found it difficult to navigate online appointment systems but face the greatest risk from infection. Mobile clinics have allowed them all to easily access vaccines in their own neighborhoods.

And today, we have a chance to support this work. Make a gift today. All proceeds support MLKCH’s mobile vaccine efforts.

Interested in volunteering at one of their sites? Contact Kris Ordonez at [email protected].

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