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Join us this week as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of an LA5 vision becoming a reality – the Edelman Children's Court.  This is a legacy of our LA5 which we continue to advance through our… Read More
For many years, emotionally wounded and traumatized children journeyed through the judicial system through cold, institutional courthouse hallways, often with their abusers nearby. The surroundings… Read More
It was a spectacular evening in the entertainment capital of the world and LA5 – under the leadership of Rotarian Mel Scott – produced an amazing Short Film Festival. Everyone in attendance was blown… Read More
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Overcoming the anxiety and nerves of performing and showcasing their talents, high school students from across Los Angeles joined LA5 for lunch in the early spring with the hopes of winning big! Our… Read More
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Join us for this fun luncheon to celebrate our last meeting for the month of May. The Los Angeles Rotary Club is pleased to present Josh Mandell Partner, Litigation & Cannabis, Akerman LLP. The… Read More
More about Josh With broad litigation experience in business and real estate disputes, Josh Mandell devotes his practice to all aspects of commercial litigation, including breach of contract matters… Read More
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Save the Date for President Paul's Party. It's Gonna be a Good One!
Join us for this fun and informative luncheon to celebrate one of LA5’s most stimulating events; Consuls General Day! You will not want to miss this terrific luncheon. Please register today to… Read More
This will be an incredible program where we learn about the business interests and opportunities for partnerships with countries from around the world. The lunch will feature 30 Consuls General that… Read More
June 3, 2022 This will be a very special and touching program that you won’t want to miss! For more than 30 years, LA5 members have provided financial and volunteer support for those often-forgotten… Read More
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Join us for this fun luncheon where we celebrate Cinco de Mayo (a day late) at one of the oldest family-owned Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles. We'll be at El Cholo on Western Ave. We'll get a… Read More
More about El Cholo The El Cholo Spanish Cafe is a Los Angeles restaurant serving Mexican cuisine. Founded in 1923, the restaurant is credited with the introduction of the burrito to the United… Read More
Please save the date, June 18, for President Paul's Party.
Please access the link below for board minutes and resolutions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YdESx8Az4pn85zQD1oRF0fuHQgVGcLJH/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117676023328965073299&rtpof=true… Read More
Please be sure to take a moment to RSVP and order your meal for you and a guest (or two) for this week’s program. We will be meeting at the beautiful California Club for our Rotary lunch. Of course… Read More
More about Dete Dete Meserve is an accomplished creator and producer of highly successful films and television series as well as a best-selling and award-winning novelist. As a partner of Wind… Read More
Katherine Schwarberg Swan, 2nd wife of Past President Phil Swan, passed away on March 29 at her home in Pasadena.  A few years after Phil’s first bride (Sally) went to heaven he and Katherine were… Read More
One of the highlights of our programs each year is our Consuls General Day at LA5. This year, we have 26 Consulates that will be represented, including Ukraine (whom we hope will share an update on… Read More
New Member Application. Michelle DicksAVP Product Development & Solutions Leader Employer: Berkley Re Solutions, A W.R. Berkley Company Sponsored by: Alan Bernstein Seconded by: Nancy E.… Read More
Join us for this fun luncheon where we celebrate Cinco de Mayo (a day late) at one of the oldest family-owned Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles. We'll be at El Cholo on Western Ave. We'll get a… Read More