February 24, 2019
By John GreenOn Sunday afternoon a jolly group of about 25 LA5 members assembled in our spacious reserved area at the Angel City Brewery downtown in the Arts District. Approaching from the street… Read More
February 22, 2019
*/ The February 22 LA5 speaker was Dr. Larry Arnn President of Hillsdale College.  To introduce the luncheon LA5 member Denise Anthony gave an inspiring invocation summarized as follows: Rotarians… Read More
February 19, 2019
*/ Pictured: Lauren Schlau & Brenda Wiewel with USC Rotaract Club. Photo by Veerali Juthani.It’s been a while since I was on the USC campus, my grad school alma mater. I saw a lot had changed… Read More
February 4, 2019
To end our January 18 meeting on a high note (pun intended) President Erick introduced pianist extraordinaire, Jeremy Wineglass as a new member.  Jeremy actually presented his background noting… Read More
January 18, 2019
Jan Perry, our featured speaker on January 18 began by explaining that she looked at our LA5 website for background. She was struck by what she saw; that is, our commitment to solving local and… Read More
January 1, 2019
Before Sally Gallagher’s e-mail announcing this year’s Rotary Rose Float decoration, Brenda Wiewel had already e-mailed me asking if I knew when and where it would be happening! As soon as I saw… Read More
December 17, 2018
​The shoe-give away area The lines were forming well before dawn – both the 350 Rotarian volunteers and some 3,000 expectant kids and families the morning of Saturday December 8.  As the sun was… Read More
December 5, 2018
At the October 12, 2018 LA5 luncheon featuring speaker Andy Fastow, member Denise Anthony offered an invocation that many found well-suited to the occasion and personally moving. We have printed it… Read More
December 3, 2018
  Liz Skrzat, LA5's Social Events Chair along with the Honorable John Green kicked the holidays off in fine fashion by putting together a great LA5 getaway to the famous Holiday Lights Cruise in… Read More
November 16, 2018
How did the greater Los Angeles region get where it is today? What momentous event occurred 100 years ago to create the city as we now know it? As our November 16 keynote speaker Dr. William Estrada… Read More
October 22, 2018
Deep in the heart of old Downtown Los Angeles, between Boyle Heights and the Fashion District, 18 LA5 Rotarians and their spouses gathered at Greenbar Distillery, self-labeled as the “oldest… Read More
October 19, 2018
On October 19 at the California Club, the Power of Tourism was brought to Rotary LA5 from Ernest (Ernie) Wooden, Jr., President & CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LATCB).… Read More
October 12, 2018
Few adults living today are unfamiliar with the name of ENRON and the financial debacle that resulted in the company’s dissolution in 2004. And no one could be more qualified to speak on the company… Read More
October 5, 2018
One way that LA5 exemplifies “service above self” is in recognizing and honoring champions in the community who take action to help save the lives of others.  This year’s annual Courageous Citizen… Read More
September 30, 2018
Rotary LA5 was truly fortunate to have heard from Dr. Ken Blanchard, the highly known and respected guru of groundbreaking leadership research and thought who has influenced the day-to-day… Read More
September 24, 2018
Taking our seats at the September 21 Rotary5 meeting each of us found a slip of paper with the word INNOVATION in color at the top and a big circle in the middle. Intrigued, we soon learned who… Read More
September 18, 2018
Atop the hills east of Hollywood, nearly 70 Rotarians and friends gathered on September 9th for the first wine experience of the new Rotary year at the beautiful newly remodeled chateau of Marjorie… Read More
September 10, 2018
Here at Rotary 5, we are privileged to hear many distinguished speakers, but on Friday September 7th, we heard from a true pathfinder. Judge Kevin Brazile. He now serves as the first African-American… Read More
August 27, 2018
Los Angeles can be characterized as a city with an abundance of riches. Reading this may evoke many places we like that make life enjoyable. However fewer may immediately think of the California… Read More
August 14, 2018
When the world, seems like a dark place through the lens of news broadcasts and TV crime dramas where does one go to feel uplifted and inspired? If you are LA Rotary5 President Erick Weiss you can… Read More
August 8, 2018
Opening up the 110th year of LA5 was an exciting challenge. There were many things running through my mind. What do I want to change? What can I change? Will I know the difference? What change do… Read More
July 31, 2018
Over the past several years, LA5’s special mission and passion has been to learn about and help alleviate homelessness. In his remarks, Past President Jose Vera noted how the club supports dedicated… Read More
July 25, 2018
Only steps beyond Gliders Launch, the point just above Crestline at which thrill seekers leap off the side of the mountain and gently hang glide to the valley floor, is a community of campers who are… Read More
July 17, 2018
On Friday July 13 the first meeting Rotary LA5’s 110th year began with a bang – that is, the bang of the gavel marking the tenure of Erick Weiss, our new President. The meeting began with an… Read More