March 29, 2018
LA5’s visit to the LA Youth Network went very well! Each Rotarian was impressed by the dedication that the staff demonstrated in helping kids (ranging from ages 12 to 24) with their education,… Read More
March 29, 2018
Recently, seven LA5 Rotarians (Vien, Adam, Ana, John, Bo, Jose, Lauren) and prospective LA5 member Tiffany Rollins attended Paul Harris Luncheon hosted by United Friends of the Children (UFC). After… Read More
March 29, 2018
On March 9, 2018, the Los Angeles 5 Rotary did not have one if it’s regular spirited, patriotic, and grand Friday luncheons at the California Club.  Instead, the group deployed itself to several non-… Read More
March 28, 2018
Saturday, March 10, dawned cool and overcast, with rain threatening, not exactly our storied sunny Southern California weather.  But braving the elements a group of hearty souls of varied ages,… Read More
March 14, 2018
It is with great sadness to announce the passing of my step-father and 27-year member of LA5, Alvin “Al” Rudisill. He passed away on February 21 at the age of 89. He was laid to rest at Forest Lawn… Read More
March 9, 2018
On February 24th a group from the LA5 had the opportunity to peak behind the curtain to see the front office of a corporate jet. Upon first glance, you’re met with an array of lights, dials, buttons… Read More
February 12, 2018
LA5 kicked off 2018 with our second annual State of the Club members only meeting. Highlights of the club’s operations were presented in areas of membership, finance and the foundation.  Focused… Read More
February 7, 2018
Rotary's District 5280 Pageant of the Arts Program—chaired by our very own Lance Miller, President of Lance Miller Speaking—provides our local high school students the opportunity to display their… Read More
January 16, 2018
Eight years ago the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office asked Rotary Club of Los Angeles (“LA 5”) for volunteers to staff a holiday toy giveaway in South Central LA.  Mayor Villaraigosa had started the annual… Read More
January 15, 2018
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our 68th President of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles our fellow Rotarian and friend Philip (Phil) V. Swan who served as President in 1976 -… Read More
October 9, 2017
Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a nation rich in jade and gems, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. But Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, suffering from… Read More
September 18, 2017
I am honored to be standing before you today, as your District Governor. We in District 5280 are a team of over 2300 Rotarians, making a difference in our communities throughout the greater Los… Read More
August 28, 2017
Rotarians Ann Hollister, Executive Director of Vision To Learn (Rotary Club of Westchester) and Beatrice Girmala, Assistant Chief of LAPD (Rotary Club of Hollywood) were two of the eight women… Read More
August 9, 2017
Ashton Farrar (President Elect of USC Rotaract) and I had the great pleasure of attending the Big West Rotaract Institute in Santa Clara, CA, this July. BWRI was designed to grant presidents,… Read More
August 8, 2017
Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Camp Paivika 70th Anniversary on Saturday, July 29th. We had well over 300 attendees, who helped with activities, sang songs and had an opportunity to… Read More
July 27, 2017
As we welcome President Charisse to lead LA5 in the new Rotary year, we are inspired and excited to hear the direction in which she will lead us. As President Charisse said, "My focus is to keep the… Read More
July 13, 2017
Steinar Tweiten was known to most members of LA5 Rotary as a distinguished gray-haired gentleman with an engaging disposition, who arrived each Friday on his motorized scooter.  But that was only… Read More
June 19, 2017
As President Todd Johnson always says, “I hope you leave this meeting feeling better than when you came.” It would be hard to imagine anyone who attended the Annual President’s Party and Awards on… Read More
April 7, 2017
  With the help of partners and celebrity champion/actress best known as "Becky" from Glee, Lauren Potter and honorary chair, Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels alongside NBC4 ,"Today in LA" anchor… Read More
April 4, 2017
Each year dozens of  members of LA5 gather together to award scholarships to some of the best and brightest students within downtown and Los Angeles County.  At our upcoming meeting on June 16th, LA5… Read More
March 14, 2017
  The history of the Rotary Myanmar Orphanages Water Management Systems Project began in March 2005.  LA5 Rotarian JT Warring, founded the project which has, to date, erected safe “water-on-demand”… Read More
February 9, 2017
Today’s world presents us with opportunities and challenges never before seen. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) gathers together to address some of these issues. And this past January, one… Read More
January 17, 2017
The key takeaway from Bradford Howard’s guest lecture is that the Rotary Club of Los Angeles is not a service organization, rather he believes that the club should channel most of its focus building… Read More
January 16, 2017
From where I sit, what I see is that our club needs to change with the times.  We have an amazing history.  We have every reason to be proud of what this club has been.  But there’s a quote that is… Read More