California Club, Floor 2
Friday, Apr 12, 2024 | 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

999: The Untold Story" delves deep into the shadows of history to uncover the harrowing narrative of 999 unmarried, young Jewish women, who were seemingly destined for government service in a purported shoe factory but instead found themselves ensnared in the horrors of Auschwitz. Who were these women, and what led to their selection for such a fate? How did a small fraction of them manage to cling to life amidst the atrocities of the death camps for over three agonizing years?

This compelling documentary, inspired by the international bestseller "999: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz," illuminates the obscured pages of women's history with the testimonies of survivors like 94-year-old Edith Grosman, bearing witness to their resilience and the unfathomable strength of the human spirit. #1970, etched into memory as more than a number, becomes a symbol of endurance and defiance in the face of unspeakable adversity.

Produced by Jay Heit, this poignant film serves as a vital companion to the groundbreaking book, now translated into 19 languages, weaving together archival footage, interviews, and historical context to shed light on a chapter often overlooked. It confronts the shadows of silence surrounding this historic #MeToo narrative, urging audiences to confront uncomfortable truths and engage with a vital piece of our shared past.

Join us in a dialogue that transcends time and borders, as we confront the echoes of injustice and honor the resilience of those whose voices have long been silenced. "999: The Untold Story" is more than a documentary—it's a testament to the enduring power of remembrance and the imperative to confront history with courage and compassion.

Dress Code

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