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We have an exciting opportunity for you to positively impact our community! It's really easy, and you can do it today! Become a Community Grants Giving Campaign member by donating just a dollar a day… Read More
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It's giving "it's a new Rotary year."
Welcome to our 115th year of service! Had you asked me 26 years ago if I had aspirations to be LA5's President, I probably would have panicked and ran. It's funny how attitudes and aspirations… Read More
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From the Alliance with Children's Rights: With funding support from the Office of Child Protection and the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, and in partnership with Alliance for Children’s Rights, the Los… Read More
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Issue #3 of the El Rodeo - soak it in in all its glory  (for your full reading enjoyment, your editor recommends expanding to full screen mode - use the little square on the bottom right)
Issue #2 of the El Rodeo - it deserves top spot in Oprah's favorites (for your full reading enjoyment, your editor recommends expanding to full screen mode - use the little square on the bottom… Read More
Several weeks ago President Malinda shared with us her Rotary Moment. (I can only imagine what other LA5 members could share.) To me, a Rotary Moment is that extra-ordinary experience one has in… Read More
We hear this often at meetings, events, and programs ... the inevitable question: "what's your Rotary moment?" Everyone has one. That moment where it sinks in: this organization is where I'm meant… Read More
Issue #1 of the El Rodeo - your favorite summer read (for your full reading enjoyment, your editor recommends expanding to full screen mode - use the little square on the bottom right)
  Welcome to year 114! Your 2022-2023 leadership has a year jam-packed with impact planned. I hope you're excited: we are truly paving our way back to our club's value purpose. You - our… Read More
This is our last meeting of the 2021/2022 Rotary year. Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of soon to be Past President Paul. The end of the year Presidents’ Roast – I mean Demotion… Read More
For those who were at my first meeting, you heard me say “you’ll hear me say often - Let’s do Rotary Together!”  I was serious about the reason that came to be the mantra for our 113rd year at… Read More
We all know that business grows as relationships strengthen and that’s one of the added values of LA5! ClubRunner is a valuable resource with a directory that helps to connect with fellow Rotarians… Read More
If you have any questions about Lorenzo’s membership application please contact either Barry Hytowitz or Ivan Lovegren Name of Firm/Organization Sociallyin Position Partner, Director of Revenue… Read More
We have photos coming in from last weeks Scholarship Day Program & President's Party by William Kidston.  Click Here to view photos!
Tick Tick Tick . The Rotary 21/22 year is down to only two more meetings! Come join your fellow LA5 members for lunch and watch a very special program. Join us this week for the always special LA5… Read More
Impact Stats about our Scholarship Program Since 2007 Over $2.5M in Scholarships Awarded Over 350 Students Over 2,500 Committee Hours Volunteered Supporting Academic Success Since 1970, LA5 has… Read More
What do exotic cars, LA5's vocational scholarship awards, and Past President Alan Bernstein crafting your Saturday brunch cocktail all have in common? LA5, "doing Rotary together" for one absolute… Read More
Who's your favorite Past President?? And what's a President's Party without a good competition among our Past Presidents?! To answer the second question: Any good LA5 party has a fun competition… Read More
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