Lino Esguerra
City Club
Friday, Nov 4, 2022 | 12:10 - 1:30 PM

Lino Esguerra is from Manila, capital of the Philippines. He migrated from there several years ago and has now established his home base in West Covina, CA. From there, Lino goes all over the U.S. and even into Canada to talk about the myths and truths about Hypnosis and perform his Comedy Hypnosis Show.

He explains his reasons for having such zeal in giving these talks. “Hypnosis is widely misunderstood, primarily because of how TV and movies have portrayed hypnosis. I have a grand time talking to people about it, introducing them to the wonderful trance state and helping them achieve some personal goals. And with my Comedy Hypnosis Show, I can help groups with their entertainment and/or fundraising events.”

Focus on Your Future Now – The Subconscious Aspect of Student Success

Lino’s “signature” talk where the students will leave the program and immediately be able to implement any, or all of them, to push up performance and self-esteem… and one of the techniques is Self-Hypnosis, which Lino will actually demonstrate with the students.

Success Magic – Focusing on Success in the Midst of Negativity

Using Magic and Mindreading, Lino teaches a PROVEN, easy to follow success system that will help achieve goals faster than can be imagined. The system is based on fundamental core principles of success without any of the new age, neuro-linguini, mumbo-jumbo stuff that so many motivational speakers are now pushing, and quite frankly most people are getting a little tired of hearing.

Unlocking the Secrets to Academic Success – Better Grades Through Mindfulness

Lino knows that all students – young and old – want to get better grades, improve memory, or pass performance and admissions exams. Six different and real-world strategies are discussed in detail in this popular talk.