Anthony Phills
September 24, 2018

Taking our seats at the September 21 Rotary5 meeting each of us found a slip of paper with the word INNOVATION in color at the top and a big circle in the middle. Intrigued, we soon learned who Anthony Phills is and how he works to innovate and motivate. “Explore, Think Differently and Jump In” is his approach to innovation.

Anthony Phills is a true “Renaissance Man” - a designer for celebrities and movie studios, a magazine publisher, branding expert, speaker, author, inventor of “Binge Publishing” Multi-Platform Interactive (MPI™), and the owner of his own design business. Anthony was named LUX Magazine’s 2018 “Full Stack” that recognizes someone who has mastered a range of skills that can be used independently to complete a design or product. Mr. Phills explained his creative process as looking for innovative ways to turn intention into reality. He takes a basic concept and first explores possibilities –without boundaries - especially those outside the field of this project. He Jumps in by bringing in all the creative essentials to form a unique business design for all the interrelated elements, then produces prototypes, visual design, and the front end coding.

Examples of his designs and applications include adapting aviation solutions for his Social Services client, keyless entry systems for hotels and designing “VAL-A,” a system for planes on the ground. When a healthcare client needed structure to free up paperwork, he created a full business solution for practice management software and comprehensive business services for autism and special needs providers. He is now working on a Virtual Reality game room that also has other applications once it is operational as well as interactive books for autistic inner-city kids.

Oh, and the slip of paper – we each made our own creation by just drawing something in on around or through the circle! Mr. Phills, energy and creative approach were motivating for each of us to view problems and projects with the endless creative possibilities to turn intentions into innovation.