We have an exciting opportunity for you to positively impact our community! It's really easy, and you can do it today! Become a Community Grants Giving Campaign member by donating just a dollar a day, and you can proudly wear the "365" adornment on your Rotary badge showing that you are playing a vital role in making a difference to those in need. Your donation of $365 (or more!) Is tax deductible and goes to our LA5 Foundation to support programs in the inner city, such as youth homelessness and other worthy causes. With your donation, LA5 will continue to grow and expand in the inner city of Los Angeles. Just click on the donate button at the top of the Rotary LA5 website. You can help us meet our goal of 100% participation this Rotary year! Let us stand united and proud, knowing that our collective efforts truly do make a difference. Inspire others with the glow of your generosity! We would like to thank those who have already contributed to the 365 Community Grants Giving Campaign: Adam Weiss PP Charisse Lara PP Mike Birkholm Lauren Schlau Paul St. John Mike Ross Ian Eddy PP Malinda Monterrosa Kathleen Kavanagh PP Jose Vera President Gary Jimenez Heather Shuemaker PE Brenda Wiewel Judy Smith Michael Flood PP Ken Chong Walker Railey PP Don Crocker 2023 Rotarian of the Year Vic Marovish Azim Vishani PP Ben Tunnell PP Megan O'Rourke Join today and be part of something meaningful that will have a lasting impact throughout the year and address our community's various pressing needs.

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