Gary Jimenez
President's Message

Welcome to our 115th year of service!

Had you asked me 26 years ago if I had aspirations to be LA5's President, I probably would have panicked and ran. It's funny how attitudes and aspirations change. Today, I'm honored and thrilled to work alongside each of you to guide our Club and expand on all the great service projects, grants, social events, amazing speakers, and fun that we have together. Behind the scenes, your Board has been working hard to organize, strategize, and plan for this y ear. 

Working with such a smart and energetic group of leaders will certainly help our Club to thrive. 

When I was first introduced to LA5, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make the time or commitment to be a member. But during my "dating" period before officially joining the Club, I realized that the investment of my time and resources would be combined with so many more leaders and the result would be like no other. I was hooked! And I made some great friends along the way and conducted business with so many in our Club. 

My challenge to all LA5 members this year is to bring a guest to a lunch meeting - and to a service project or social event. I know they'll be inspired and impressed. And who knows, one day they might even be our LA5 President. 

Here's to a fantastic year of doing Rotary together! 



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