Rick Gibson
President's Message
April 9, 2020

In the midst of a crisis that is demanding we put our lives on hold, our club is taking action to prepare for the future needs of our city as a result of COVID-19. Allow me to provide you with a brief update.

Last Friday, the LA5 Foundation met to assess the impact of the severe market decline. I am grateful to Russ Whittenburg and the Foundation Board for their wisdom and stewardship of the Foundation and its resources. We also considered ways to make funds available to organizations that are serving those members of our community hit especially hard by this pandemic. 

As a follow-up, the Service and the Foundation Division of the Board of Directors are working with me to put together a COVID-19 service response plan to propose to the full Board and then to the LA5 Foundation. Please note, we will gather feedback from the recent survey you received to help inform our priorities. Our hope is to put a plan into place quickly to respond to the pleas for help that we are already receiving. 
To keep our club engaged during this time of social distancing, we are meeting regularly via ZOOM. We had a Coffee and Tea ZOOM social last Thursday with over 20 guests and our weekly meeting last Friday with Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder of the Salvation Army drew 81 attendees. On Friday, April 17, with thanks to Erick Weiss, we will welcome former acting Surgeon General of the United States, Steven K. Galson to provide insight into the global fight against COVID-19.

Please continue to fund the operations of your club by paying any outstanding dues that you may owe here. Our club simply cannot support itself and the many organizations we serve without membership dues being paid. Pay your dues, here.

As I close, I am mindful that many of the members of our club will participate in prayerful practices this week. We are dark for tomorrow, Good Friday, as is customary for LA5.  Whether through the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu traditions or whether through no religious tradition at all, pause this week to ponder the meaning of this moment. Grieve with those who are suffering, then allow hope to stir your soul and imagination and inspire you to serve those who will desperately need LA5’s help in the days ahead. 

I hope you are safe and healthy. Let me hear from you.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rick Gibson
President, Rotary Club of Los Angeles
​2019 - 2020

VOLUNTEER TO HELP LA5. We need a few more volunteers to make follow-up calls to the members of our Club.   Contact the LA5 Care Team.