March 29, 2018

Recently, seven LA5 Rotarians (Vien, Adam, Ana, John, Bo, Jose, Lauren) and prospective LA5 member Tiffany Rollins attended Paul Harris Luncheon hosted by United Friends of the Children (UFC). After a short presentation of how to become Paul Harris Fellows (including the $1,000 gift, which affords members the coveted “much larger” Rotary pin), the Rotarians had the opportunity to learn about UFC and their mission to empower foster youth on their journey to self-sufficiency through service-enriched education and housing programs, advocacy and consistent relationships with a community of people who care. UFC’s comprehensive education program aims to increase high school graduation rates and provides college advice and financial support through college, and even after graduation! The work UFC does is tremendous and their belief that foster youth should have the chance to thrive and to have the same kinds of opportunities we all want for our own kids really resonated with LA5’s members.​

By Jose Vera

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